What is ELM?

Elm (European Lifelong Learning Magazine) is a free online magazine on lifelong learning and adult education. It is the only journalistic medium of adult education with a European scope and with a continent-wide correspondent network.

Elm’s main target group is the adult education professional, in Europe and beyond. Our main readers are educators, advocates and workers in adult education organizations. Also decision makers and academics find interesting content in Elm.

Our promise to the reader

Elm supports the work of the adult education professional by keeping its reader up-to-date on the trends and phenomena of the adult learning world. Through its correspondent network Elm paints an authentic picture of the European adult education field. The media spreads good practices, knowledge about the benefits of lifelong learning and of topical research and adds depth and context into important events and trends. It aims to offer a community of colleagues for its readers. Elm discusses learning in a broad sense, seeing it as a lifelong process comprising of formal, informal and non-formal learning, both vocational and liberal adult education.


Elm was born in the autumn of 2015 as a result of a merger of two online media, LLinE (Lifelong Learning in Europe) and InfoNet Adult Education. Elm keeps the best traditions of its predecessor media alive: LLinE was well-known in the field for its high-quality journalism. InfoNet was a strong network bringing together professionals from the main adult education organizations in Europe. Elm thus combines LLinE’s quality with the unrivalled content-producing network of InfoNet.


Karoliina Knuuti

(MA) is a journalist and a visual journalist, and editor-in-chief in Elm. Contact: karoliina.knuuti(a)kvs.fi; +358408268699; Twitter: @KaroliinaKnuuti

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Michael Voss

is an editor of Elm Magazine and an information officer at the Danish Adult Education Association. Contact: mv(a)dfs.dk

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Annu Griñan

is the communications manager of Kansanvalistusseura (KVS), the publisher of Elm Magazine. Contact: annu.grinan(a)kvs.fi

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